You already know my name.

I work on various software projects surrounding video games, such as standalone server software, mods and services surrounding them (matchmaking etc).
I'm best known in the communities I frequent for work on Prism, Frostspark and Phantasm.

Prism is a reverse proxy for Terraria servers, protecting them from spam, masking downtime, and allowing easy traversal of the network.

Frostspark is a modified server engine for Terraria, greatly increasing the efficiency of netcode, entity management, and other pain points in Terraria.

Phantasm is an anticheat plugin for tShock and Frostspark that blocks cheating by analysing client behaviour and determining (based on server predictions) if such behaviour is possible legitimately.
As a result, it stops all known inventory hacks as well as entity manipulation cheats (damage hacks, buff/debuff hacks, etc), all while running completely unattended.

I also was a tShock contributor at some point.

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